Licence ownedno: B-041/2021 issued by the Minister of Interior and Administration for the performance of business in the field of production and trade in weapons and ammunition, allows the company STALKO to develop structures and perform services on a subcontracting basis for </span products for military or police purposes. The knowledge and experience gained on many European markets contributed to the opinion that STALKO is reliable , reliable and timely contractor. An extensive technological park, equipped with modern numerically controlled machines, allows for comprehensive execution of both simple and complex orders. We are able to make or process elements in a wide range of dimensions, starting from a few millimeter elements, ending with several-meter advanced structures.

special production

Individual orders

Special production is an important area for us, which we approach with great commitment, and we treat each new order as a challenge. The concession issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration confirms that STALKO has qualified and experienced staff, and meets all technical and organizational conditions for this type of activity .

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