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STALKO GROUPhas an area available 50 000 m2 with a complex of halls with a total area of over 12 000 m2. Each production hall is equipped with crane providing a lifting capacity of 2.5 to 8 tons. The centralisation of the area of operations and its convenient location, makes the Radom-based company an ideal partner able to meet the most demanding expectations.

STALKO has a modern, extensive machinery park and, thanks to its many years of experience in the metalworking industry, has a specialised coordination department, skilfully cooperating with external parties.

Through skilful management and the refinement of universal procedures for individual production processes, STALKO despite having several leading brands, it is able to provide additional services to the outside world.

Due to our extensive experience in the production sector, we are able not only to reproduce the designs given to us, but also to develop new, complete solutions, basedon an OEM basis.

We have an experienced team designers, automation specialists, programmers and technologistsand are proficient in a wide range of sectors. We are able to develop single machines as well as complex, production lines of various types, using automation in the broadest sense.

InSTALKO We believe that a company is made up of people, which is why we treat all employees with respect, which translates into their direct involvement in the work they do.

Laser/CNC cutting

CNC milling/turning

Glass processing



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